Meet Kamafia the Trending Kamba Rapper who has taken the internet by storm

‘Kamafia’ is not a very strange name, especially to those who have watched or listened to his entertaining Kamba rap songs which have been trending on social media.

Innocent Mutinda is the real name of the hip hop rapper who raps in the Kamba dialect. Born and raised in Nuu in Mwingi Central, Innocent told Mauvoo News that he discovered his talent for singing back in primary school where he used to sing choruses in parades, crusades, at home, and at village functions.

When he joined Machakos School, Innocent became a “joker” who couldn’t concentrate on his studies well and was forced to transfer to Mwaani Boys.

“I became mediocre and couldn’t concentrate on my studies so it affected me and in form three my parents were called and told that I can’t cope with Machakos school life because I looked mentally ill. When I went to Mwaani Boys I found the community was friendly and they loved my comedy that’s when I joined Drama Club where I used to sing entertaining and funny songs. I made my team go up to nationals and that’s where I discovered that I have a talent for entertaining through singing funny songs,” he narrated.

Innocent revealed that he motivated himself when he discovered his talent and passed his exams where he proceeded to the University of Nairobi to pursue a Journalism course. In what seemed like a hobby to him, due to the Covid-19 pandemic he discovered that he could rap in Kamba vernacular compared to the past when he used to do spoken word.

“I loved spoken word but I had never tried it in Kikamba and I kept on asking myself how I can relate with my Kamba Community so that’s where one day when I was asleep I heard ‘noiwe ngwenda ndienda undungi, sunga nakwa kana ndunge wikye kitimba ou ta undu ungi‘ ( loosely translated as ‘I want you alone to dance with me dear Ndunge when you are shaking your back ) and that was the first line that I composed and was contented that I can entertain my audience using Kamba lyrics,” Innocent told Mauvoo News.

From that point, he released Ndunge, Mwende, and Mwiitu wa Mwikya songs which are available on YouTube on his Kamafia channel.

On his relationship status, he revealed that he is single saying,” I’m single as the taste I have for a lady I can’t afford her because I don’t have the finances to sustain her for now and that’s why I don’t have any girlfriend.”

He encouraged the youths, especially those who have dreams of doing great things, especially in the entertainment industry to avoid using shortcuts in life but make more efforts and look for unique things that they can do to stand out from the rest.

“Don’t force yourself to trend, if you do something outstanding you will shine if the audience appreciates your content, don’t get tired of doing what you like,” he added.

You can follow his content via kamafia_innocent on Instagram, Innocent Kamafia on Facebook and Tiktok, and Kamafia on YouTube.

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