Drama as Kamba Benga artist Makasi’s fans and pastors clash at his burial

Mourners at the burial of Jeremiah Mwangangi Makasi in Mbooni. (Photo -CMN)

There was drama on Tuesday at the burial of Kamba Benga artist Jeremiah Mwangangi popularly known as Makasi in Mbooni, Makueni county.

His fans and locals who had attended the burial demanded to have the artist’s songs played during the send-off but the clergy who were in charge were adamant. The sound system that was being used apparently belonged to the church and the clergy insisted it can’t be used to play secular songs.

The funeral service had to stop for some time as the altercation went on and it took the efforts of the area chief Stephen Kimeu to calm the fans.

Some of the irate fans could be heard telling off the clergy that Makasi was not a pastor and his burial was not a church service as the exchange heated up.

“We have agreed that the program should continue, let the pastor preach, and finish his program. When the music instruments for the artist arrive they will also sing.” The chief told the mourners.

Several artists who were present led by Sanita condemned the incident saying that they are all God’s people and shouldn’t be discriminated against because they also go to church and are part of the different programs in churches.

The fans however had their moment and danced to Makasi’s songs as they laid him to rest. The church however had to carry their musical instruments. Some of Makasi’s biggest hits included Mwalimu, Kithio Kya Mukamba, Mwalimu among others.

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