Meet Bishop Joel Nzomo, Machakos CEC Agriculture

Bishop Dr. Joel Nzomo Machakos CEC Agriculture, Food security and cooperatives development was born in Kathiani in 1970. He went to Kathiani primary and later Ilimini secondary. 

In 1990, after Form 4 he started farming and was making up to 40,000 a month then. He joined Trans Eastern college to pursue French and Aviation. He became a French teacher and in 1997 he put his career aside and joined ministry.

In 2002, he began to train as a Christian leader and pursued theology. In 2004 he joined Maxwell leadership training institute and has studied over 1000 Christian books. In 2017, he started mobilizing pastors from 30 to 32,000 people.

During his vetting, he promised to ensure over 42 county tractors that are not working are repaired. Dr. Nzomo suggested waving debts owed to cooperatives. He lauded efforts by the past regime to give free chicks saying that he will increase and ensure follow-up from the county.

Nzomo promised to work with MCAs, introduce irrigation projects and use public-private partnerships to add value to farm produce by having factories and implementing online marketing for products from the county.

He noted issues of Machakos county failing to get rain could be more spiritual than physical and he will be the right person to deal with that.

Despite having no experience in Agriculture he promised to push policies that work as CEC.

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