Matungulu: Counterfeit alcohol worth 2.3m destroyed in crackdown

Over 4000 liters of counterfeit alcohol and 100 liters of ethanol seized on Thursday have been destroyed in Matungulu sub-county of Machakos County.

The consignment consisted of 850 cartons of Trace and People vodka, 100 liters of fake KEG, and 100 liters of Ethanol.

The operation was done by National government administration officers led by Machakos County Commissioner Josephine Ouko, Matungulu Deputy County Commissioner Evelyn Wekesa, and Matungulu OCPD Peter Omondi among others.

While speaking Ouko said that the liquor had been confiscated in a rental house in Nguluni market and belonged to a woman identified only identified as Irene getting supplies from one Fundi Tosha.

She said that the crackdown will continue to ensure the business is brought to its knees because the drink had not been cleared by various government agencies for human consumption.  

The county commissioner warned that any bar found selling counterfeit liquor will be closed even if it operates with a valid license.

She warned landlords to ensure they know what businesses are operating in their houses lest they find themselves as accessories to such crimes.

“No perpetrator will be spared not even the landlord who has rented the space. When found they will both find themselves in trouble,” she said.

She urged the security agents to remain vigilant and intensify efforts to curb the production and distribution of counterfeit alcohol.

“No one here has the authority to permit such a thing to be sold. Let it be known that any Deputy county commissioner, ACC, Chief, and assistant chief who will be found tolerating illicit and counterfeit brew will go home,” said the commissioner.

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