Makueni nominated MCA and Fierce Kalonzo defender Mbula Mutula speaks on why she left Wiper Party

Makueni Wiper Nominated Member of County Assembly Mbula Mutula has left the party. Mbula who is vying for the Women Representative position will now vie as an independent candidate.

This is after the ticket was allegedly given to the incumbent Rose Museo. Addressing the press Mbula expressed concerns over unfairness in handing her competitor a direct ticket saying she was ready to support Museo if she beat her in nominations.

“I am Mbula Mutula, Wiper nominated MCA Makueni County Assembly and Women Rep Aspirant Makueni. I have seen a list of people given direct tickets. I paid nomination fees for Women Representative and was among the aspirants. We were told to talk and I was asked to step down and I said I have to consult my people. The party leader told me to give him feedback once I did.”Mbula said.

“I asked for fairness and proposed we go to nominations because we are just 2 of us. I said I will support whoever wins the nominations and started campaigns. Today I have seen a certificate has been given to Rose. To my supporters, I will vie as an independent candidate. When you give direct ticket it means the party doesn’t want democracy and you forget there are people on the ground she went on. Let the people decide.” Mbula added.

Earlier on, Voicing her dissatisfaction on her Facebook page Mbula said it was sad that only the young people were being urged to step aside stating that the consensus was favoring old people.

“Why is it that all the consensus being done in our political parties is favoring the old people? Why is it so easy for a young person to step down and not vice versa? Today I met a young senatorial aspirant from Coastal region who is being persuaded to step down for a 70-year-old man,” Mbula in the post claimed.

She applauded the UDA party for practicing democracy and holding nominations.

” On this one, I must commend the UDA party for showing democracy and subjecting all its members for nominations and allowing voters to decide,” she said.

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