Makau hits back at DG Mwangangi, cautions Governor Wavinya

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has hit back at Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi over what he termed as frequent attacks directed at him.

Makau said that Machakos has only one Governor until 2027 and she should accept to be corrected without getting angry.

“We told Ruto no on the Housing levy, When Maeke and colleagues say No in Machakos stop getting angry. Who is the Governor of Machakos? Who is Kenya’s president? Even if you want to become president or Governor now you can’t. But when they make a mistake we will correct them.”Makau said.

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“Wavinya is the current Governor and even if she was to leave the Deputy would take over. Last week I saw the Deputy (Mwangangi) who had lost his mother-in-law doing politics and insulting me. Since Mwalyo lost his sister he has not done politics. Mwangangi is sick and When he goes to a place his work is to say “ule mtu wa mavoko”. He added.

Makau further dismissed Mwangangi’s remarks that he and Wavinya come from the same family presenting the analogy of Cain and Abel. He asked the County officials to keep him out of their mouths and instead focus on working for the people.

“If Makau is good and Mavoko and Machakos people say I am good, I am the Abel, and when my offering is accepted stop saying I’m bad. I want to tell them to work for the people of Machakos and leave me out of your mouths.” He went on.

The Mavoko MP spoke at the funeral of sister to Masinga MP Joshua Mwalyo at Misyakwani in Machakos town constituency.

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