Machakos Health CECM speaks on ongoing Health crisis in the county

Machakos Health and Emergency CECM Dr. Ruth Mutua has spoken following the crisis in Machakos county Hospitals that saw some of the medics down tools 2 weeks ago and hold demos to Machakos county Assembly.

On the issue of cleaners, Dr. Ruth said the County has subcontracted cleaners and it is the company to pay the cleaners. She revealed that from the supplementary Budget they received money to pay the cleaning company was requested and all documents were processed awaiting payment once the county received money from the Treasury.

“Cleaners were complaining that they were not paid. I want to bring to the attention of our people that cleaning service in Machakos level 5 is contracted. When it comes to payment we only pay the contractor who pays them. The cleaners who are complaining are not employees of the County Government.” She said.

“We have processed everything after perusing books and we recently got a supplementary budget to Finance Department and have assured us they will be paid once resources come. The reason why delays are there is because of delay in receiving funds from the National Government which is not affecting Machakos alone but the other counties as well.” CECM Ruth added.

On Drugs, From the supplementary Budget too she revealed that documentation was processed and forwarded to KEMSA and they will be able to receive drugs before the end of the Month.

On the promotion of the Health Workers, CECM Ruth said, “We sat down with their team leaders and discussed promotion and realized the budget we have was not adequate. We agreed with the little budget we have we are going to process the neediest ones and promote them. We have done the documentation and forwarded it to the Public service board.”

She further asked politicians to keep off politics from Machakos Hospitals noting that Health was a matter of life and death. This comes just days after Machakos Senator Agnes Kavindu visited Machakos Level 5 Hospital to hear complaints from the health workers.


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