Party Politics Have Dragged Machakos Behind – Nzioka Waita

CCU Party leader and Machakos Gubernatorial candidate Nzioka Waita addressing congregants at Misyani Catholic Church. (Photo - Juline/Mauvoo)

Former Statehouse Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita now says Party politics have made Machakos County lag behind when it comes to development.

Waita asked people not to elect leaders because of their parties but rather to look for qualities of a leader who will ensure that the interests of the residents come first

Speaking at Misyani Catholic Church, Waita who is also the CCU party leader said that leaders in Machakos county have concentrated more on party politics rather than delivering for the people who elected them.

“A Party will not protect women and men it is the leader. Look for a leader who has a manifesto, look at their character, their personality, look at if the person you are going to elect deserves to be in that office and if they can manage your money,” Waita told locals.

“Our county is a gem,it’s so precious and if we make a mistake we are going to hand it over to people that are going to damage our county, let us not give it to people who are depending on their parties to push them forward,” he added.

His words echoed by Machakos County Assembly Speaker Florence Mwangangi, Nzioka Waita’s running mate who asked leaders to stop lying while doing politics as it was demoralizing the residents.

“Let us practice Godly politics, that do not involve insults and lies because if we do not do that we are risking the lives of residents, as leaders we should be a good example to the people,” said Speaker Mwangangi.


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