Machakos: Dam collapses after heavy rains

Following heavy rains in Matungulu West Ward, Machakos County, the Kwa Uku dam has collapsed.

Residents are urging the county government to repair the dam promptly and ensure that the reconstruction is of high quality to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

Cosmas Masesi, the Matungulu Sub County Administrator, confirmed that no injuries were reported during the dam’s collapse. He assured that the county government is taking action to address areas affected by the floods promptly, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures in disaster prevention.

“We are confident that the governor will address this issue once the rains subside. The dam served as a vital resource for hundreds of people, supporting agricultural activities in the surrounding areas,” Masesi stated.

“We are thankful that there were no casualties or injuries. We alerted residents as soon as we noticed signs of the dam’s instability,” he added.

Masesi also mentioned that the only significant damage reported was the loss of a school fence at Matungulu Girls’ School.

The sub-county is among several areas in Machakos County facing severe flooding, with four fatalities, including a senior police officer, since the onset of the rainy season.

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