Maanzo warns Governor Mutula and Speaker after damning Auditor General Report

Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo has issued a stern warning to the Makueni County leadership over the misuse of public resources. This is following a damning report from the Auditor General for the 2022/2023 Financial Year.

Senator Maanzo said that the report has highlighted a lot of queries in Makueni County Executive and Makueni County Assembly which shows that the public money was misused.

“The report from the Auditor General for the 2022/2023 Financial Year is out for Makueni County with a lot of bad things. We will be calling our Governor, Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, to the senate on 25th April 2024 to explain to us how the money was spent,” Maanzo stated.

He also pointed out that he won’t allow the money for the people of Makueni to be misused by a few individuals at the expense of Mwananchi. Maanzo added that there has been poor road connectivity in Makueni and so he expects the County Government to hasten and make sure that the County roads are graded to make them passable.

“I won’t allow anyone to misuse the money meant for development in our county, our roads are not in good condition, they have not constructed the roads and so I call them to do so in the shortest time possible. We have tractors in place so what is needed is the fuel to run them as they grade the roads.”He added.

Senator Maanzo also revealed that the County Assembly of Makueni led by the Speaker and Clerk of the Assembly will be appearing before the Senate to also explain how they have spent their budget. He said that he would continue doing his work to ensure that the people of Makueni get development.

“That is my work, I won’t allow anyone to mess up our county. Woe unto you if you will be found embezzling public funds, we will jail you and ensure that we return what you had stolen back to our people,” Senator Maanzo warned.

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