Kitui Residents React to Raila’s decision to pick Martha Karua as Running Mate

Residents of Kitui County elicited mixed reactions after ODM leader Raila Odinga chose Martha Karua as his running mate. Kalonzo Musyoka also announced that he will be vying for the presidency and announced Andrew Sunkuli to be his running mate.

Despite Raila announcing Kalonzo as the Chief Minister, residents of Kitui county have shown their dissatisfaction citing that Kalonzo should have been given the Deputy President post and that is an insult to the Kamba Community.

“Kalonzo has been backing Raila all the time and then he comes to humiliate him by announcing another candidate to deputize him. We will also humiliate Raila because we had already declared that ‘No Kalonzo, No Raila’. “Geoffrey Sammy a Mwingi town resident stated.

“Raila has sidelined the Kamba community and we’ll ensure that we put crocodiles to the river he will be crossing to Canaan. We will not accept to be underrated again and we have been supporting Raila wholeheartedly,” Geoffrey added.

The residents further reiterated that the Kamba community has been supporting Raila and giving him the highest percentage of votes than even his home Nyanza region and thus he has betrayed Kalonzo.

“Raila has lost our support because he has been ‘carrying’ us like children and it’s now the high time we look for another alternative and that is to support Deputy President William Ruto who took our son Muthama as United Democratic Alliance (UDA) chairman. Ruto also assured us that he will support the residents from the bottom and further he has proved not to be a political conman,” Michael Mutua a resident of Kitui town told Mauvoo News.


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