Kitui County Assembly Approves Motion to Regulate Sand Harvesting

The Kitui County Assembly has given the green light to a groundbreaking motion aimed at regulating sand harvesting within the county. The motion, which was tabled by Sammy Munyithya Kivou Ward MCA and garnered widespread support for its potential to bring about positive changes in the sand harvesting industry.

Munyithya, during the assembly session, emphasized the need to control and manage sand harvesting activities, stating that it is crucial to safeguard the environment and protect the lives of the county’s residents. He highlighted the detrimental effects of unregulated sand harvesting, particularly in rivers, which often left them in degraded and risky conditions.

“The policy that has been set for the residents of Kitui County is commendable because it safeguards our surroundings. Uncontrolled sand harvesting has, in the past, left our rivers in a bad and risky state,” Munyithya explained.

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Once the bill is signed into law by the governor, it is expected to bring about significant changes in the sand-selling business within the county. The regulations will not only control the industry but also create employment opportunities for locals.

Munyithya expressed optimism about the positive impact on the community, saying, “Employment will be created for the locals, and a portion of the revenue generated will be reinvested in the community for development purposes, including the payment of school fees, which was previously a challenge.”

The move to regulate sand harvesting is seen as a proactive step towards sustainable development and environmental conservation in Kitui County. It reflects a commitment to balancing economic activities with the need to preserve natural resources and protect the well-being of the community.

Locals and environmentalists have welcomed the decision, expressing hope that the implementation of these regulations will lead to a more responsible and sustainable sand harvesting industry. The motion now awaits the governor’s signature to become law, marking a significant milestone in Kitui County’s efforts to manage and regulate its natural resources for the benefit of both the environment and its people.

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