Kitui Chief Arrested Over Alleged Murder of Shamba Boy

Billy Musembi the area chief of Kavuta Location in Kitui Central and his son, were arrested over the murder of Peter Musomba, their former farm worker. The arrest comes after a lengthy investigation into the December 19 incident where Musomba was allegedly beaten to death at the family’s homestead.

The incident occurred when Musomba went to collect his wages and was accused by the chief of being a thief. Witnesses revealed that Musomba was subjected to severe physical abuse, resulting in fatal injuries which he succumbed to.

A post-mortem examination conducted at Kitui County Referral Hospital confirmed that Musomba died from severe chest injuries resulting in internal bleeding, with signs of additional physical trauma.

Musembi who is reported to have engaged the police in a cat-and-mouse game for months was finally detained at Itoleka Police Station in Katulani sub-County over the weekend. The incident, which occurred in broad daylight, shocked the community and sparked an extensive investigation.

The shocking nature of the crime, including the chief’s attempt to evade authorities, has raised significant concern in the community.

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