22 Million Joska Mansion Stuns Kenyans with Unique Design

A stunning Ksh. 22 million Joska mansion has captured the attention of social media users with its unique design.

Naturalktedy (Edna), a YouTuber, did a house tour of the three-story all-ensuite maisonette. The property has a ¼ acre of land, a well-kept lawn, and outdoor facilities including a barbeque and space for four cars.

The maisonette’s front façade features exposed brick, grey-tone railings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and massive pillars. The room is painted in mahogany colors. A huge dining room adjoins it and connects to the home’s fully equipped open kitchen. A side entrance opens to a beautiful backyard with porch rockers that contrast with the home’s peaceful landscape.

The living room Is double-sized and includes a sunken sofa. The majestic staircase takes one to the family area, master bedroom, as well as a relaxing balcony.

Here is how some netizens expressed their thoughts on the mansion:

@daveparko3519 said, “I love that house, I wonder who the contractor was. I would love the contractor to build me such a house. Absolutely gorgeous.”

@ianjesse8525 said, “Beautiful house i love the interior and exterior and the greenery it’s worth the price.

@roshelleroberts2996 said, “Nice home but I always hate it when you have a huge home with a small kitchen. In my opinion, the kitchen could be a bit bigger.”

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