Kibwezi: Metava locals in fear as roaming lion kills livestock

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has been asked by locals from Metava in the Kibwezi sub-county of Makueni county to intervene and drive away a lion that was spotted in the village.

According to a section of locals who addressed the media, the lion has caused damage by preying on their livestock.

They said that they are living in fear since the dangerous beast that escaped from Chullu national park is roaming the area spelling fear.

“The lion has eaten tens of our animals’ goats, sheep, dogs, and donkeys. We fear for our lives and those of our children. In the morning while going to school we have to escort them to ensure they are not attacked by this animal, “said a local.

Another local explained that they have reported the matter to KWS and are wondering why it is taking them too long to respond.

“What kind of damage are they waiting for so that they can act? For how long are we supposed to live in fear for our lives? I cannot even do anything at my home because of fear” he noted.

They blamed the County Government for being silent as cases of human-wildlife conflict continue to increase.

The residents vowed to take action against the lion if no one comes to their aid.

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