Kibwana angered by killing of Azimio protesters by police

Former Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana has expressed concern over the killings and destruction of property witnessed during the Azimio demos.

On his Facebook page, Kibwana noted that the police should be at the forefront of protecting the lives of the people.

According to Kibwana, most people who have been killed during the demos are young people whose dreams have been cut short.

He said that due to what was witnessed across the country on Tuesday more than ever a national dialogue is needed or else more life will be lost.

“We must live our Constitution. The right to peaceful demonstrations is etched in the country’s Basic Law. Police – Watumishi kwa Wote – are to provide security to demonstrators, as repeatedly stated by Kenya Bora Tuitakayo (KBT) and the Political Opposition, not to kill them,” Kibwana said.

“Most of those already killed, maimed, and illegally arrested are young persons like in my hometown of Emali today. Now, more than ever before, a National Dialogue by government, opposition, and citizens is necessary and urgent,” he added.

Kibwana is among the government-allied leaders who have come out to condemn the killings witnessed.

Ten people are said to have lost their lives during the demos while scores sustained injuries.

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