Kawaya: Leader of Opposition office not meant for Raila

President William Ruto has been pushing for the reintroduction of the office of the opposition leader in a bid to ensure the Government is kept in check.

Leaders from the Azimio coalition could hear none of it and have come out to explain that the post is unconstitutional and have no interest in it.

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau alias ‘Kawaya’ has however defended the efforts to have the post insisting its essence is for posterity.

According to him, this will ensure there is a balanced government.

“This position was not created for Raila but for posterity, Raila is very old and in the next five years may not be in active politics which means he is not the leader we are targeting,” said Kawaya.

He insisted that although the opposition is claiming not to have any interest in the post sooner or later they will run to occupy the office.

The lawmaker gave an example of the handshake between former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga that came to happen despite numerous denials.

“Wait until you hear Kalonzo wants the post, the other guys in ODM will descend on him with every manner of abuse. Don’t be deceived these people will acquire the office, we cannot take them seriously after what happened during the handshake,” noted the MP.

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