UDA Chair Muthama backs creation of a Powerful office for Raila

UDA chairman Johnson Muthama has welcomed a proposal seeking to create a powerful taxpayer-funded office of the Leader of the opposition.

Speaking during an interview with a local media House, Muthama said that it would be unfair for the Kenyans who voted for ODM leader Raila Odinga not to have somebody to air their grievances.

Muthama added that he was in full support of the creation of the office for the opposition leader because it would also keep the government in check.

“President Ruto got 7.2 million votes, Raila received 6.9 million votes, look at that following behind Raila, are you telling me that that person does not deserve to have an office, to have his car fueled up to be able to reach the Kenyan who voted for him, it would be unfair to those Kenyans,” Muthama said.

“Let us recognize the efforts of the Kenyans that have elected the president with the majority votes and the leader of the opposition with fewer votes,” the UDA chairman added.

This comes after Azimio drafted a bill seeking to have a powerful office for ODM leader Raila Odinga funded by the Exchequer and with an annual address to parliament among other benefits.

The office will also have the powers and discretion necessary to solicit and mobilize for funding from all such sources, including donor funding to supplement its budgetary allocations to finance its various activities.

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