Kasolo: Someone who has been attacking Gospel artists will die this year

Controversial Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo says someone who has been fighting true men of God in the country will die by end of this year.

In a TikTok live Kasolo said that a lot of people have come out to point fingers at Gospel artists and preachers without shame.

The singer noted that God had shown him a certain person whom he failed to disclose will die due to his tendencies to attack anointed men of God.

“There is someone who has been on the frontline to attack men and women of God. I was shown in the spirit that they will die this year. If they die don’t call me a Wizard because it’s true,” said Kasolo.

He urged Kenyans to desist from attacking and fighting those called by God as disasters may befall them.

“Saul persecuted Christians and lost his sight. God fights for his people and it would be better if you just keep quiet than fight his people,” said the singer.

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The Kitole hitmaker also expressed his anger at people who accuse celebrities of doing well in life of joining Illuminati.

Kasolo said he hustles every day to ensure that his life and that of his family are changed and some people accusing him of joining the Illuminati is unfair.

“Since January till now, I have used over Kshs. 500,000 in shooting videos for my songs. We will continue to prosper as you remain poor watching in disbelief saying we have joined Illuminati,” he went on.

He said that some of the artists they began together were jealous for failing to make it in life like him.

According to him, they have failed to dedicate themselves to their careers and instead thought anyone rich had used shortcuts.

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