Katombi addresses beef with Maima

Kamba Benga artist Alex Kasau Katombi has finally revealed the cause of their alleged beef with his colleague Maima of Kithungo Raha Boys Band.

In a YouTube interview, Katombi revealed that the cause of their misunderstanding was when Maima composed ‘Mukau ni ex wakwa‘ dissing his wife yet they didn’t know each other.

Katombi said that Maima misinterpreted his song ‘Wallet’ where he mentioned that he won’t take bhang to avoid making his voice hoarse adding that Maima thought Katombi was referring to his voice.

“The song which people brought controversy into it was meant to make it fun, I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Nobody felt bad except him yet I had not mentioned his name when I said I would not smoke bhang to avoid losing my original voice. ‘Nilisema naogopa kuchoma bangi nisiharibu sauti yangu hakuna mahali nilisema sauti yake ni mbaya’ unless he thinks he has a bad voice,” Katombi remarked.

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Katombi added that if he had any issue with the song he should have called him and they sort out the issues instead of composing a song while insulting his wife.

“He should have just contacted me we iron out the issue, we are brothers and so we should not have any grudge. Instead of that he went on to compose a song mentioning my wife with my wife, this made me feel bad because he mentioned my wife and she doesn’t know her without bothering that she has a family to protect,” Katombi added.

Katombi stated that if Maima had an issue with him he should have even composed a song insulting him instead of involving his family. He revealed his issue was when he decided to involve someone innocent – the wife who had not done anything to him.

“That was unprofessional of him to do so to an innocent person who had no issue with him. When someone does that they become dangerous and you just avoid them because you don’t know what they will do next. That is where our issue came in because associating yourself with someone who is too low can bring shame to you,” he added.

Katombi said that he would continue composing his songs without mentioning anyone. He also cautioned those who mention him in their songs to stop that because if they continue doing that they will face the consequences.

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