Kithimani MCA Demands Immediate Closure of Yatta Funeral Home

Kithimani MCA Paul Mwanzia has issued a stern ultimatum demanding the closure of the Yatta funeral home within 24 hours and the demolition of its structures.

 Mwanzia cited several concerns, highlighting that three bodies have been stored at the facility for over four years.

During a press briefing, Mwanzia urged the county government to revoke any licenses previously granted to the mortuary and to arrange for the transfer of the long-stored bodies to the city mortuary.

He emphasized that the local community has lost confidence in the funeral home, attributing this to a series of scandals and controversies surrounding its operations.

“The presence of bodies unclaimed for such a long period is unacceptable and reflects poorly on the management of the funeral home,” Mwanzia stated.

 “The locals no longer trust the facility due to the ongoing dramas and scandals. The county government must act swiftly to restore public confidence and ensure proper management of such sensitive services.”He added.

The owner of the mortuary has been arrested after the body of a three-month-old body that had disappeared a few days ago reappeared near the mortuary. He however accused his landlord of being behind the incident to frustrate him and bring down the facility.

This call comes a few days after auctioneers flocked to the facility and started destroying structures belonging to the mortuary over rent arrears accumulating to over sh.400,000.

Also, a few years ago unknown people raided the facility and mutilated bodies stored in the mortuary.

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