Kasolo tough warning to Katombi after being mentioned in ‘Ataiwe’ song

Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo has cautioned Benga artist Alex Kasau ‘Katombi’ not to ever mention his name again in his songs. The gospel artist said that it was wrong for Katombi to mention gospel artists in his song which was seen as a way of mocking them.

“He started the song well but when he was about to finish, he started attacking gospel artists thinking that he was man enough. He is a man like me, he wears the clothes I wear, he uses the same phone as me so he should not undermine us,” Kasolo stated.

Throwing a jibe at the Benga artist, Kasolo went on to say that Katombi doesn’t have many vehicles as he flaunts them online but what he does is that after using a vehicle for some time he returns it to the yard to exchange with another one.

“He exchanges cars from car yards for a new one, he is yet to achieve anything. Visit his fellow Benga artist Maima and get to see how he has a beautiful hotel yet he is silent, he even greets me with respect but Katombi is becoming disrespectful. Katombi is our boy who has been uplifted by God just the other day but he is full of pride,” Kasolo claimed.

The Kitole hitmaker cautioned him to stop attacking gospel artists especially Katungwa who he has mentioned in his songs several times.

“Leave gospel artists alone Katombi, I loved him so much as my brother but he has made me shed tears asking myself why he can sit down and write a song about us. I asked myself how powerful he is such that he can openly mock us yet we know many of his things but we can’t say them, we will only continue praying to God to help and give you grace, go apologize and stop attacking Katungwa every time. Katungwa is like your sister,  don’t keep on attacking her yet you have a daughter, she also wants a husband to love him and stop spoiling for her,” the ‘Kitole’ hitmaker added.

Kasolo threatened to take legal action against Katombi if he continued to mention gospel artists in a way that he wanted to mock or taint their names as bad people.

“Katombi has been used to mocking Sir Mwenge but he kept quiet, you have now poked the wrong people who are appointed by God. Before we sing we go to places like the Katoloni prayer center and ask God for grace, you (Katombi) go where you go since there are gods that you worship but what you did is wrong and I can’t compromise that. I won’t entertain that again, if he dares to mention my name in his songs again that will be the end of him; I will use all my resources, my friends, and all my efforts to silence him,” he warned.

Kasolo added that if he dares that he will make sure that Katombi will be stopped from singing because it is wrong to mention people’s names in your song without their permission yet they have a name to protect. He said that people have their families who feel bad when their people are mocked publicly.

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