Kasolo slammed by comedian Terrence Creative over Facebook comment

Popular Comedian Terrence Creative has slammed Kitole Hitmaker Stephen Kasolo over a comment he made about his wife, Milly Chebby.

Milly Chebby had posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini while on vacation with her husband Terrence Creative and their friend Jackie Matubia on her social media.

Kasolo went ahead and commented on her page that the clothing was a bit skimpy for her age.

“Alah mama yangu vaa nguo Mrefu tu,” Stephen Kasolo said.

This however did not sit well with Terrence who told Kasolo to stop looking at people’s wife rather he should mind his business.

“Uko honeymoon na kazi ni kuangalia mabibi za watu vile wamevaa…fagia kwako kasee,” Terrence said.

Below are some other reactions;

Eunice Ndungu said, “kwani unataka avalie dera kea ocean..fagia kwako kasee mwanauu,”

Trizah Em said,”Your wife swims in her dresses you are the last person I expect to troll a woman ama hujaona ako beach,”

Miriam Mumo sai, “Kasolo uko na nguvu ya kubody shame na wewe ukiguswa kidogo unakuaga na machozi kilo kumi.“\

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