Kasolo complains about Mercy Mawia’s dressing

Gospel singer Stephen Kasolo has criticized journalist Mercy Mawia’s dress code during their Youtube interview at ‘Thome wa Mercy Mawia’.

On his Facebook page, Kasolo posted two photos of him and Mercy saying that their interview was great.

However, he noted that the dress worn by the journalist was very short and tempting to him.

According to him, it was alluring for him considering his marriage is still young.

Yu Mercy Mawia – Kamuwetangi akee kutwika interview Nesa vaaya Thome wa Mercy indu Mwa ngua Ila unanihostie nayo inai nguvi Muno na nowisi mutwaano wakwa no mwithi (Now Mercy is interviewing us so well at ‘Thome wa Mercy but now the dress she wore when interviewing me was very short yet you know my marriage is very young),” Kasolo said.

He asked his fans what advice they would give to her and some asked him to focus on the interview while others agreed that indeed the dress was short.

Here are some of the reactions;

Felix Kilonzo said, “Mercy the dress is very long please reduce it a little bit you are a journalist, not a pastor or a gospel artist”.

“Bro when you go for an interview please concentrate on the interview if it is long dresses she already wore them and we would not let her go back to them,” wrote Gabriel Museveni.

Favored Alex said, “When you go to an interview answer questions while closing your eyes or else you will find yourself in temptations”.

“Your marriage is young but there is nothing you don’t know because you even had a child before marriage, ” Josephine Carter added.

“The dress ain’t short and our sister Mercy is not a nun so just contain yourself,”said Jones Muthoka.

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