Kamene: There is a plot to destabilize ‘Machakos girls’ leadership

Machakos County Women Rep Joyce Kamene Kasimbi now claims there is a plot to destabilize the leadership of Machakos girls; herself, Senator Kavindu, and Governor Wavinya.

Speaking during the graduation of more than 88 students at Muthesya, Masinga, Machakos County Kamene praised Governor Wavinya’s development record asking locals to give her more time.

“2 Wrongs do not make a right, there were wrongs that were committed but the way I see things, there is a target to tarnish the name of “Machakos girls” so that we never get an opportunity to have peace and work. Those who were being undressed and I’ve said that is wrong when that person (MCA Maeke) gets to social media and boasts of calling top leadership at Statehouse. Where were they? I don’t want to go in that direction.” Kamene said.

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Kamene asked locals to pay taxes and rates and avoid shortcuts. She praised Governor Wavinya as one full of love and care for the people.

“As locals let’s pay our taxes and avoid shortcuts. I know corruption is what is messing us as a country. Pay to the correct till number and don’t make deals with people asking to be bribed… I see our Governor is ready to develop the County. If there is someone full of love and care it is Her Excellency Governor Wavinya. Give these Machakos Girls 2 years we will write another story.”She added.

Kamene’s remarks come just a day after Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka accused Maeke of being used by Statehouse to destabilize Wiper in Machakos.

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