Kalonzo castigates Kenya Kwanza over political and economic policies

Wiper Party Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has chastised the Kenya Kwanza regime for its “failed” political and economic policies.

Speaking to Kenyans at Soko-Mpya, Soko Mjinga, and Naivasha Stage, Mr. Musyoka asked mama mbogas, hustlers and boda boda riders present “not to be lied to again about the cost of living, affordable housing, and job creation”.

Musyoka told the assembled throng that the lawmakers were en route to Parliament to voice their opposition to the Affordable Housing Bill. “The Chief Executive has told MPs to pass ‘mpende msipende,’ but this is the biggest lie.”

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The wiper party leader reminded the locals of his experience as Co-Chair of NADCO when the Kenya Kwanza refused to address the No. 1 irreducible minimum of high living expenses identified by Azimio.

Musyoka also shared with the assembly his memories of serving as the late President Mwai Kibaki’s deputy, during a period of economic prosperity and personal prosperity that allowed families to pay for food and their children’s education.

At the Lake Naivasha Resort earlier in the day, Mr. Musyoka gave a keynote address to attendees who were members of the County Public Service Boards (CPSBs) and the Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS).

Addressing the topic “Professionalism and Good Governance in a Political Context” Mr. Musyoka encouraged participants to “work together to create a future in which our public institutions are known for their integrity, accountability and service.

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