Kaiti MP Kimilu tells off PS Terry Mbaika

Kaiti MP Joshua Kimilu has issued a stern warning to Devolution Principal Secretary Terry Mbaika, urging her to refrain from interfering with his duties as MP.

 Speaking at Kyuasini, Kimilu dismissed Mbaika’s allegations that he has failed to ensure equitable development in the division of market construction projects.

Kimilu, who is serving his second term, emphatically stated that he does not need to be taught how to perform his responsibilities. 

“I have been in this position long enough to know what my constituents need and how to deliver it,” Kimilu asserted. “These claims are unfounded and seem to be aimed at undermining my efforts.”

“She told me not to construct a market at Kyuasini and my question to her is this, do Kyuasini people not vote? She should let me do my work and in 2027 the electorates will decide whether I have delivered or not, “he added.

The MP defended his record, highlighting various development initiatives undertaken during his tenure. 

“We have made significant progress in improving infrastructure, education, and healthcare in Kaiti. The division of resources has always been guided by the needs of our people, and any suggestions otherwise are baseless,” he added.

Kimilu and Mbaika battled it out in the 2022 general elections and may also lock horns in the next general elections as their rift seems to widen.

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