How Top Kitui County Schools Performed in KCPE 2023

After the release of the 2023 KCPE Results by Ezekiel Machogu, Mauvoo News has been following up on the performance of Kitui Schools, and below is how some of the top schools did.

St. Josephine Bhakita Zombe had 92 candidates. 18 candidates scored over 400 marks and the school registered a mean of 385.9.

St. Gabriel Boarding Mwingi had 76 candidates. 5 candidates scored over 400 marks. The school had a mean of 379.

St. Francis Kamuwongo had 2 out of the 67 candidates scoring over 400 marks. The school had a mean of 367.49.

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Good Shepherd Boarding Kiutui had 4 candidates with over 400 marks out of the 44 candidates and a mean of 363.75.

St. Michael Boarding Kitui had 67 candidates. 4 scored over 400 marks and the school had a mean score of 362.10. Jayden Muchui was top with 415 marks followed by Tarmarrah Manuela 410, Iana Baraka 408 and Taj Ryan 405.

St. Mary Miambani had 44 candidates and a mean of 352.18, and Rosamytica Mulutu had 23 candidates and a mean of 351.61. St Patrick Kyuso primary had a mean of 349.8 and 25 candidates.

St. Theresas Primary Kimangao had 16 candidates and a mean of 345.51, Holy Family Primary Mutomo 345.3, Bishop Dunne Academy Kabati had a mean of 342.17. St Pauls Ikanga had 7 candidates and a mean of 341.43, Sacred Heart of Jesus Kanyangi 336.67, and 2 students scoring over 400 marks. St. Jude Mbitini had a mean score of 332.75.

Angelica Academy Kiusyani had a mean of 332.74 and 23 candidates. Sherlene Mutwiri scored 403 marks and was the best. 8 students scored between 350-399, 9 between 300 and 349, and 5 below 300.

Mauvoo News reporters are combing across the county and we will bring you more results as they reach our News Desk. Check out below how top schools in Makueni and Machakos did in the 2023 KCPE.

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