Horror as Skinned body of 40-year-old man found in Masinga

Residents of Kambiti in the Masinga sub-county were left in horror after the skinned remains of a 40-year-old man were found in the area.

The body of the man had some limbs missing and had been slit in the throat which could have caused his death.

The incident which sent shockwaves in the village was confirmed by Itunduimumi assistant chief Gabriel Munguti who told Mauvoo news that the body remains were discovered by children who were herding.

He said that the body of the man was dumped between river Kambiti and Mathauta adding that law enforcement officials were immediately alerted.

The chief noted that the motive behind this barbaric act remains unclear, and appealed to the public for any information that could lead to the apprehension of the perpetrators.

“His tongue was taken out and body skinned, an object believed to have been used in the murder was found at the scene and some of the stones around were covered in blood,” said the chief.

Locals have called upon authorities to hasten investigations and find the perpetrators of the crime soon.

The body was taken from the scene and moved to the mortuary for preservation.

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