Herdsboy defiles and kills 12-year old girl in Masinga

A 29-year-old man from Kanyonga village, Kithyoko location in Masinga sub-county has been arrested for defiling and killing a 12 -year old, grade six girl.

Confirming the incident, Eendei sub-location Assistant Chief Raphael Kyengo said that the man had been a houseboy in the girl’s homestead for four months.

He revealed that the man said that his motive to kill the girl was because she had been accusing him of touching her inappropriately.

Raphael said that the man defiled the girl, stabbed her twice, and later hit her with a Jembe on the head to ascertain that she was dead before he went to Kithyoko police station to report.

“A 12-year-old grade six girl in Kanyonga village has been murdered this evening by a 29-year-old herdsboy. The incident occurred at around 4 pm in one of her mother’s cubical, the assailant went to Kithyoko police post and reported that he had defiled the girl and stabbed her twice then used a Jembe to clobber her on the head to make sure that she is completely dead,” The assistant chief narrated.

“The herdsboy has been working in the home for the last four months and claims that the girl has been accusing him of several offenses including touching her breasts. He is currently at Kithyoko police station and currently, government officers are at the scene of the crime,” he added.

The Body of the girl was taken to Mbaku funeral home for preservation awaiting postmortem.

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