Governor Wavinya speaks on Muguka Ban in Machakos

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has said that she will conduct public participation on the ban of Muguka.

Speaking in Mavoko, Wavinya said that drugs and substance abuse have ruined many young people calling on the church to intervene and help in the fight against drug and substance abuse.

“I am going to hold public participation for Muguka because I cannot ban Muguka on my own. I will come to have a public participation with you so that you can air your views,” said Wavinya.

“Drugs and substance abuse have been a menace in our county and country at large and my plea for the church to assist in the fight against this menace,” she added.

Wavinya further revealed that plans were underway to establish Machakos Youth Service that would help ensure the youths have not been left idle causing them to engage in criminal activities and substance abuse.

“Machakos Youth Service is underway which will ensure that all our youths are engaged and they are not idle in any way,” said the governor.

Machakos County Woman Representative had asked the governor to hold public participation to decide on the fate of Muguka in the county.

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