Governor Mutula stern warning to Makueni county employees

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo junior has warned Makueni county employees who have not been working as expected. Speaking during the swearing-in at Unoa ground, the Governor said it will not be business as usual going forward.

“Public servants go back to work and I repeat, go back to work. I will hold each department responsible for their duties from today onwards and trust me when I say I will check. Those who won’t work will meet me. The places being swept should be swept as if christ is coming back tomorrow.” Mutula said.

The new Governor pledged to seek reports on all medical personnel, the status of each medical facility, and the status of all roads and equipment. In the first supplementary budget, he said that his priority will be food provision to locals and seeds ahead of the rainy season.

“We are all servants of the people. I will insist on the principles of value and service under the constitution as the benchmark for your performance. I wish to thank the assumption of office committee for the work you have done, you need to complete your work quickly. Make sure I get written reports signed by the heads of each department. I will hold individuals responsible for the accuracy of the reports.” He added.

Mutula further assured the county employees that he will adhere to best practices in Human Resource Management free of unfair labor practices.

He praised his predecessor Governor Kibwana for laying a good foundation on which he will build on and placing the county on the map of Kenya. He also thanked locals for overwhelmingly supporting him vowing to go out of his way to improve their livelihoods. Mutula also undertook to continue with public participation and also establish a caucus to bring together all elected leaders.

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