Governor Mutula requests for Makindu level 5 trauma center

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior has requested the national government through the Ministry of Health to construct a level 5 trauma Centre in Makindu.

This is in a bid to accommodate accident victims along Nairobi Mombasa road.

While speaking in Wote town, the Governor noted that Mombasa Road is among the most dangerous roads in the country and it passes across Makueni County.

Despite that, there is no level five facility along the road that can ensure trauma victims are attended to well.

“We are the first point of call for the whole of Kenya at Makindu when an accident happens and the government does not assist us to do anything. We are expected to respond and those are county resources, it is not a level 5 or 6 hospital where they receive funds from the national government,” Mutula said.


“We want a special consideration and the government to consider this as a trauma facility and assist us to save Kenyans not just Makueni people,” he added.

His sentiments were seconded by Makueni Senator Daniel Maanzo who disclosed that CT scan machines at Makueni refferal Hospital were not working. He asked the National government to ensure the machines were repaired or taken back. 

The two leaders spoke when Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha toured Makueni county for a spot check on Universal health care rollout and public participation on social health insurance regulations 2023.

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