Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr Speaks after Bill Gates Visit to Makueni

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has revealed details of Bill Gates’s visit to Makueni Tuesday 15th November.

Mutula Jnr said that the visit by the American Businessman to Makueni was for benchmarking and is the beginning of partnerships, especially in the health sector and Agriculture.

“Bill Gates visited a farm nearby owned by a lady who is doing smart agriculture where he has a huge interest in climate change. We want to showcase food security, agriculture, and the value chain so that we can get funding. His primary interest was primary health care like the one in Makueni Mother and Child hospital and Kathonzweni,” Governor Mutula said.

Mutula also revealed that Bill Gate inquired about how the county undertakes various healthcare services after getting just 50 percent of pharmaceuticals requirement from KEMSA.

“Partly the reason he came was because of the Maternity wing in Makueni which has the highest number of new births in the county and that also interested him to check how it affects our work and how it can be upgraded. We made a serious presentation on our workers, and our budgets and he was also interested in what we call in medical terms ‘fill rate’ and that’s why he had a serious presentation with the community health volunteers on how they manage the resources that we give them,” Mutula said.

He added that Bill Gates wanted to know how he can chip in to ensure that the health facilities in Makueni can serve the people without interruptions even if the money isn’t released by the National Treasury in time or when they don’t receive all the pharmaceutical requirements from KEMSA.

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