Governor Mutula Jnr gives an account of his first 100 Days in office

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has outlined his successes in the first 100 days in office as the second Governor of Makueni County.

Addressing Makueni residents at Mukuyuni, Kaiti during Jamhuri Day celebrations, Governor Mutula noted that within his 100 days in office the Makueni County Executive Committee is now fully set up and ready to deliver to the people of Makueni. He affirmed that he reorganized the Makueni Executive so that he can enhance service delivery to the people by ensuring greater collaboration among his staff so that they can change Makueni positively.

Concerning his relationship with National Government Administration officers such as the County Commissioner and Chiefs, Mutula Jnr said that he established a cordial working relationship and this has ensured that they helped in distributing relief food worth more than 120 million to all wards and also distribution of seeds to the people before the onset of November rains.

“My government will collaborate with the National government under President William Ruto and other non-governmental organizations to ensure that the road network in Makueni is fixed, electricity reaches every household, food security is achieved, border dispute resolved, water access improved and ICT coverage improved,” Mutula Jnr affirmed.

On hosting Bill Gates the Makueni Boss stated, “I hosted Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, in a mission to build a groundwork for a further partnership in primary health care and agricultural extension services. On 8th December I signed a work plan with the World Food Programme to promote social protection and access to markets for our county produce.”

He also added that there is another project that has started – production of oil from castor oil seeds at Kwa Kathoka and also the Makueni County Government with USAID signed a Ksh. 1 billion joint work plan to initiate the growth of the local economy in 2022/2023 financial year.

“This will go a long way towards curbing malnutrition, strengthening community hygiene through engaging of community health volunteers, liberalization of Makueni development and resource center, strengthening integrated gender-based violence prevention, promoting the development of cottage industries and supporting manufacturing, innovations, cooperative societies and agricultural extension services,” The Governor noted.

He revealed that the County has partnered with Nutrition International which pledged to facilitate the supply of nutrition supplements to expectant and lactating mothers aimed at ensuring children don’t suffer from deficiency of critical nutrients which cause stunted growth.

On Agriculture, he announced that he discussed with the Italian government concerning the bumper harvest of mangoes expected from January 2023 to facilitate the installation of the second hot water plant at the Kalamba Mango processing plant and also provide for markets in Europe.

“We need to continue adding value to our mangoes by producing ready-to-drink juice and branding our products from Makueni, we are also collaborating with national cereals and produce boards for purposes of getting quality seeds and ready market for our maize, beans, cowpeas, and other products,” Mutula Jnr revealed.

He further alluded that his government will ensure innovative smart agriculture through value addition to avocados, mangos, macadamia, coffee, and green grams among others, and the use of farmers’ cooperatives to change the lives of the people of Makueni. He said that he is committed to ensuring that there is equality and equitable growth of the county economy and environment conservation.

“We will continue to be the benchmark county on devolution, we have received trophies as the best county in devolution, public participation, and administration; we also produced the best firefighting team in Kenya. The Government officials from Zimbabwe visited us on benchmarking tour on the agenda of devolution and public participation, and the department of trade, industry, and agriculture has been applauded for their impressive performance in Music Festivals in Kitui last week,” he added.

Mutula Junior also pointed out that the department of ICT, the Makueni Tech and Innovation Hub was awarded as the only county owning an ICT hub in Kenya and also to curb environment and climate change, the county has planted over 200,000 trees and urged all the residents to grow trees and join the movement of making Makueni Green.

“Establishment of Wote Municipality is now a reality, we are now forging to the establishment of Emali-Sultan Municipality and in water and sanity, we are in collaboration with USAID to ensure that the second largest dam after Thwake is established, I assure you such dams will be established in all sub-counties of Makueni in five years. World Bank through the Urban and Support Program has funded us to develop the first ultra-modern market in Mukuyuni under Wote municipality, I seek your support to make Mukuyuni a great industrial town,” the second Makueni Governor stated.

He called upon all the residents to ensure they use the public participation forums to air their issues to come up with projects they want to be done in our areas.

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