Governor Mutula Junior’s Wife and Daughter Speeches that Moved Makueni residents

Mutula Kilonzo Junior was sworn in as the second Governor of Makueni on Thursday, 25th August. Mutula’s daughter, Mutete’s speech, and that of the mother Anita moved residents who had attended the swearing-in.

In her speech, she termed the father as one of the most caring people she knows and pointed out that she is confident that the dad will take care of the people of Makueni.

She congratulated him for being elected as Makueni’s second Governor and revealed that she was proud of him. She also thanked her mother for always supporting the dad.

“I would like to thank all of my dad’s supporters for upgrading him from being a senator to Governor; Makueni county is lucky to have a dad as their Governor because he is the sweetest and most caring person in the world. I’m proud of you, dad, and would also congratulate my mom for being Makueni’s first lady; even though mum got other things to do, she managed to come to Makueni to support dad. God bless Makueni, and God bless Kenya,” she said in her speech.

Mutula’s wife, Anita Mutula, thanked the people of Makueni for overwhelmingly voting for Mutula Junior.

“The governor’s journey started unexpectedly; as I recalled, on the 19th of July 2013, he left home as a Lawyer and returned in the evening as a politician. A few days later, he was elected as a Senator of Makueni to adjust to the changes; he took courage and stamina; I pledge to support him fully through his journey of serving Makueni People,” she said.

She reiterated that the ‘Wauni wa kwika nesa’ slogan must become a reality and called upon Mutula’s competitors to join hands in realizing his dream.

“The responsibility of making Makueni better lies in all of us; therefore, in my capacity as your first lady, I will do my best for the community in matters of Early Childhood Development, Maternal healthcare, mentorship, environmental conservation, and youth rehabilitation. Today is not a day of speeches, it’s a day for celebration,” she said.

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