‘God fights for me’ Kasolo discloses how man lost his eye after mocking him

Renowned gospel singer Stephen Kasolo has warned those attacking him to be careful.

Speaking during a TikTok live on his page, he gave an example of a young man he identified as Nzenga.

According to him, the man mocked him for having one eye but later suffered the consequences.

“He told me I have one eye, I told him it is okay, and later I heard he lost his eye. He was hitting a cow and a splinter got into his eye thus losing it. Better me because you can see it’s there but for him, he was left with one eye,” said Kasolo during the live.

“You attack someone who is saved you don’t know that God fights for him. I always leave such people to God. You don’t know what we tell God at night in secret” he added.

He reminisced in tears how his grandmother Mukwenze cursed anyone who would attack him.

Mukwenze had said that whoever would attack Kasolo, she(Mukwenze) would prick her with her bone.

“May my bone prick anyone who comes out to attack you,” she had said.

This is after a fellow singer Fortune Mwikali claimed that Kasolo used his grandmother for rituals to get money.

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