Furious Governor Wavinya sends strong warning to Raila Odinga

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has asked ODM leader Raila Odinga to support Kalonzo Musyoka failure to which the Kamba community will withdraw their support.

Speaking at Kathiani Town during public participation Wavinya said that the Kamba community was done being used as a stepping stone.

She reiterated that it was high time the ODM leader drummed up support for Kalonzo Musyoka failure to which they would withdraw the support.

“They have the audacity to stand and ask who are Kambas? Hiyo madharau mtawacha! You think we are stupid, in Kenyan politics we as kamba community have a say,” Wavinya said.

“I am not hiding, Kalonzo Musyoka tell Raila to support you failure to which we shall not be with you, and am saying without fear or favour, support Kalonzo Musyoka,” she added.

She further noted that as Kamba Community really drummed up support for Raila in the last elections and they were done supporting him.

“We gave 80 Percent support during elections while others were bringing 60 percent and its time we say enough is enough. We shall not be treated that way, Raila get behind Kalonzo Musyoka,” she added.

Wavinya was responding to Raila Supporter Nuru Okanga who had vowed to deal with her. Okanga also asked, “Mkamba ni nani.” remarks which seem not to have augured well with Wavinya.

Her words were echoed by Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi who said Kamba leaders had supported other communities and it’s time they supported them.

He went on to caution leaders who were busy bad-mouthing Machakos Governor for working closely with President William Ruto saying that it was for the benefit of the community and not of her own.

“She must work with the National Government and that is our stand. Have seen people abusing us saying that those who are close to the president is because of their interests, the food that is being distributed in Machakos is it in her interest or that of the constituents?,” asked Mwangangi.

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