Feima! Dancer Ken Kijana addresses claims he is gay

Known for his saying ‘Feima’ Ken Kijana popularly known as ‘Ndeke ya Muthanga’ has shot down claims that he is gay.

The upcoming singer and renowned dancer has been pictured dancing at several events and with his suggestive and girlish moves shaking his backside and Kenyans could not help but wonder whether he is straight.

In a recent interview, the dancer disclosed that he is married with a child and does not subscribe to the LGBTQIA community.

He revealed that the has gotten a lot of backlash from people due to his dancing and insisted he dances for God.

“I have seen the comments some even say they cannot let me marry their sister, I am married with a kid and not interested. I will dance and let me tell you I am waiting for the day my clothes will fall due to my dancing, until then you haven’t seen anything,” Ken Kijana said.

The singer said he will not hold himself back from abusing or beating anyone commenting badly on his videos.

He accepted that he has used words of ‘abuse’ on fans on TikTok when they post comments that don’t go well with him.

“Even if I am at an event and someone insults me I will hit them with the microphone. No one should think they can bring me down and I know I am not doing anything wrong because if I was then God would have humbled me already but instead he keeps lifting me,” he noted.

Kijana was adopted by fellow singer Stella Mengele and they have done a song together ‘Kyeni kya Ngai’.

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