Meet Purity Mwende, lady who sang popular song about Mangoes

Purity Mwende Mutua alias Yatta Queen is a Benga singer who hails from Matuu, Yatta sub-county Machakos County.

Mwende is a budding artist and shot into the limelight when she released a song about mangoes.

In a recent interview, she disclosed that most of her songs are from real-life experiences.

About the song ‘Maembe’ she says that people from the Ukambani region can make mangoes their cash crops and venture into the business without looking back.

She noted that Mangoes are loved countrywide and can be the solution to ending poverty in the region.

“When we had the mango season, I saw how people enjoyed eating them. The sweetest mangoes are known to come from Ukambani but most people have never bothered to commercialize them,” Mwende said.

“Kericho people are known for tea, Meru are known for Miraa, Kisumu are known for fish and they are making a kill in these businesses but Ukambani very few people have ventured seriously into mango farming.  In the past we were known for his farming and cotton farming which flunked,  should we also fail now that God has given us mangoes,” she added.

Other songs done by her include ‘Mummy itikila’ ‘Nuwe wambundiisye’ ‘tuisoma’ among others.

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