Famous Tala Headteacher Retires after 38 Years

Jonathan Muli has been the headteacher for Tala Township Primary for over 30 years and a teacher for 38 years.

During his retirement party, many people spoke of how he impacted their lives and even their children through his finesse in Kiswahili.

One of the alumni speaking who is now a Researcher with the United Nations said that Mr. Muli as they used to call made him the man he is now because he saw potential in him and decided to unlock it.

He spoke of how his Swahili had been affected but through Mr. Muli, he became fluent in Swahili.

“I joined Tala Township Primary School as a young boy and was very shy but through Mr.Muli, I am a fluent Swahili speaker and an outstanding orator. He saw the potential in me and unlocked it,” he said.

Another alumnus challenged teachers to relate well with their students and borrow a leaf from Mr. Muli whose retirement was attended by his students.

“My challenge today to the teachers here ask yourself if you retire, will you have such a function where the alumni are many than the parents and all of them are successful? Every school Mr. Muli has been to you can see there are alumni here and it is because of his relationship with the students,” said another alumnus.

One of the parents of a student who had attended the retirement party said that her child who was epileptic was handled with care by the school administration and when she fell sick Mr.Muli would ensure that he called her mother to come and take care of her.

Mr. Muli became a teacher at a tender age and rose to the ranks quickly because of his academics and discipline. He became a deputy headteacher in Tala Township Primary. He was transferred to be a headteacher at Kakuyuni Primary but was brought back to head Tala Township Primary where he has been until his retirement in June 2023.

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