Drama as supporters of Kitui West MP Edith Nyenze Clash with those of her Opponent Benedict Muasya

There was drama in Matinyani, Kitui West as supporters of Kitui West MP Edith Nyenze, and those of Benedict Muasya clashed moments after the 2 were cleared by IEBC to run.

The MP and her brigade were forced by police officers to leave Matinyani Shopping center after Benedict Muasya arrived at the market and the residents demanded to be addressed by him after being cleared by the IEBC.

According to the Kitui West MP Aspirant, the incumbent was supposed to address the residents in the morning hours after being cleared by the IEBC and Muasya to take over after midday to avoid any chaos.

Muasya was requested by the police officers to wait for some time for his opponent to leave to avoid commotion between the two teams.

“We are a team that loves peace and we don’t want to have a confrontation here with our opponents so we humbly request them to leave this place since their time is over. We are giving them ten minutes because we also want to go to other places to address Kitui West electorates telling them that I have been cleared by the IEBC and I’m now officially starting my campaign,” Benedict Muasya told the crowd in Matinyani.

However, after waiting for close to an hour, Muasya’s supporters started complaining that they had given their opponents a lot of time yet they were hesitant to leave the venue. Police intervened to calm the situation and forced Nyenze’s team to leave to pave way for Muasya’s team.

“We don’t want to engage in fights with you, let us leave this place and go to meet other people elsewhere,” Musya Makau one of Edith’s supporters told Mauvoo News.

The Kitui West MP secretly left the venue while closing her car windows. The Race is seen as a two-horse between the incumbent who is defending her seat on Wiper Party Ticket and Benedict Muasya vying on United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party ticket.

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