Ngilu supports Raila to be protected from facing corruption charges – MCA Mbaki

Yatta/ Kwa Vonza MCA John Kisangau popularly known as Mbaki Mbaki has alleged that Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu supports Raila Odinga so as to be protected from facing corruption related charges.

Speaking at Katheka in Kitui West during the launch of Benedict Muasya’s bid for Kitui West MP seat, Kisangau noted that a report from the Auditor General showed Kitui was one of the counties where public money couldn’t be accounted for.

“She is the only person in Kitui supporting Raila, Kalonzo is not in kitendawili, almost all the MCAs are not supporting kitendawili man and she is camping there because he (Raila) defends her after looting from our people. After he does something to us you always see her posing for a photo with him and you’ll never see her being arrested.” MCA Mbaki alleged.

He further questioned how Governor Ngilu spends money from the budget that MCAs approve at the county assembly.

“I was elected on NARC ticket but there were differences between me and Ngilu but when I’m telling people the truth some question my words. Just the other day the Auditor General stated that there are six counties that can’t account for money and Kitui was the top-ranked. This time, not me now but the Auditor General said that the money meant for the development of our people can’t be accounted for,”Mbaki went on.

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He also warned the residents not to vote for Ngilu together with Raila because she uses Raila to defend herself after stealing money meant for people’s development.

Kisangau also dismissed claims that the County Assembly has not been giving Governor Ngilu money as they have approved over 60 billion alleging there is no remarkable development from the money given.

“We won’t accept someone who sees us as people without brains, 60 billion is a lot of money and I want to tell you that the elected Governor who is not God-fearing keeps on saying we never gave her money. She keeps on giving excuses that the first year she was battling with Malombe in court, the second year Wiper MCAs wanted to impeach her then Covid-19 came ‘shetani ashindwe pepo mbaya‘ we want to sanitize her ‘alainike kama pasi’,” angry Kisangau added.

Ben Muasya from Kitui West launched his bid for Kitui West parliamentary seat citing that the constituency has lagged in terms of development and that he will ensure equitable development for all the people.

“I want to get the leadership of Kitui West not only to give bursaries to my people but also extend my connections with different people I know who are in top positions to get jobs for my people and ensure that the education they get doesn’t go to waste,” Muasya promised.

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