Drama as MP Kawaya’s contribution is Rejected at an event 

In a dramatic turn of events at a traditional wedding in Mbiuni ward, funds sent by Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka Musau (Kawaya), were flatly rejected by attendees.

The MP had sent a contribution of Ksh.10,000 with local MCA Peter Kilonzo alias PK.

As the moment to present contributions arrived, MCA Kilonzo stood up to announce a donation of Ksh.20,000. This amount included Ksh.10,000 from the MP, Ksh.5,000 from Kilonzo himself, and an additional Ksh.5,000 designated for flowers at the event.

“While I was coming to this event, I’m aware Mama Mueke had notified our MP, so he gave me Ksh.10,000 for contribution,” Kilonzo stated.

However, the community’s response was unexpectedly defiant. The attendees accepted Kilonzo’s personal contribution but firmly rejected the MP’s Ksh.10,000, insisting it be returned.

“We cannot take the money which is like a cross because of the punitive financial bill we are rejecting. Take back the money to him and tell him we will fight for ourselves,” declared one of the men identified as Mulungu who stepped forward.

To emphasize their stance, the attendees collectively contributed Ksh.12,000 on the spot, outshining the MP’s rejected contribution. 

The defiant MCA however ignored the hostility and insisted he would send money via phone to Mama Mueke the woman who had invited him.

Mwala MP who also couples up as UDA organizing secretary is among the legislators who voted in support of the 2024 Finance Bill.

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