Kalonzo: I’m ready to remain in opposition

Wiper boss Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has said he is ready to be on the opposition side to fight for Kenyan’s rights.

Speaking during an interview at Inooro TV on Sunday, Kalonzo stated his mission is to protest against Kenya’s Kwanza regime.

Last week, former Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu urged Ruto to consider Azimio leaders in the Raila AU job deal, Kalonzo declared he doesn’t need a job in the government but rather will remain in opposition.

“I don’t need a job in the government. I am ready to be the opposition to fight for Kenyans,” Kalonzo said.

The Wiper Party leader further added the only job he can do is to oppose the Kenya Kwanza government until they are out of power since they have been unable to deliver.

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