Maima addresses beef with Ken wa Maria

Kamba Benga Artist Alphonse Kioko commonly known as Maima of Kithungo Raha Boys band has addressed his beef with Veteran Benga artist, Ken wa Maria.

The ‘Nthi ino Nditei’ hitmaker said that he is a big fan of Ken Wa Maria but he doesn’t want to be associated with some of his characters.

“I have no issue with Ken, he is my friend, my fellow Benga artist, and above all my senior in the music industry. I have all the reason to respect him because despite him being older in the music industry he is also older than me in age but there are some things that he can do despite being older than me that can make me uncomfortable with him,” Maima stated.

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He also revealed that he listens to his songs and also allows his band members to play Ken wa Maria’s songs because he is a great singer.

“Some people think that I’m disrespectful to Ken when I point out some of his shortfalls but that is not the case. I play his songs because I love them and I can’t tell my band not to play them, he is a great singer but I don’t like some of his behaviors. I personally don’t like his behaviors because he sometimes acts immature, if he could just behave like his years then I could have no problem with him,” Maima added.

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