DG Mwangangi launches scathing attack against Mwala MP

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau has come under harsh criticism from Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi for ‘fighting’ women’s leadership.

Mwangangi alleged that Musau also known as Kawaya has an issue with women leaders. He narrated that the lawmaker has been constantly fighting Governor Wavinya for no tangible reason but for the mere fact that she is a woman.

Mwangangi spoke of an incident where the lawmaker was allegedly involved in inciting Senator Agnes Kavindu’s children to speak against her in the 2021 Machakos Senatorial campaigns.

“There is a young leader from Mwala, young like me but very aggressive in fighting women leaders, Are you cursed? what issue do you have with women, when the governor launched the milk project you questioned whether the milk is from her breast what is your problem, when did we reach here,” said Mwangangi.

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“The same member of parliament during the Machakos senatorial by-elections he took senator Kavindu’s children to speak against her,” he added.

The DG noted that constant fights will not build the county but take it down the road of destruction.

“We cannot have a government like that of Mutua where he allowed looting by some of the employees who later went to seek elective posts in Kitui and Makueni,” said the DG.

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