Cause of Chaos at Kalembe Ndile Wife’s Burial

What was meant to be a solemn farewell for Magdalene Kalembe, wife of former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile, devolved into chaos in Mbui Nzau, Makueni County. 

The funeral, attended by prominent leaders including Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior, former Governor Kivutha Kibwana, and Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse, erupted in conflict over speaking order.

The turmoil began when MP Mutuse suggested that former Governor Kibwana speak before the Makindu Assistant County Commissioner.

This proposal incited vehement opposition from Wiper-nominated MCA Albanus Wambua, known as Councillor Kana, and a segment of the youth. 

Despite their objections, Kibwana began his speech, triggering a heated exchange.

As tensions escalated, Mwengi and Councillor Kana could be seen angrily pointing at each other before their aides intervened and the funeral descended into chaos.

The clash caused confusion and panic among mourners as some chose to leave the ceremony early.

 Governor Mutula Kilonzo and former Governor Kivutha Kibwana were eventually forced to give their speeches at the gravesite, where they condemned the chaotic scenes.

Earlier, church leaders had advised the politicians to avoid any speeches that could cause tension. 

Nevertheless, the funeral descended into disarray, casting a shadow over the day meant to honor Magdalene Kalembe.

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