Bisengo Threatens to Ban Kamba Radio and TV stations From Playing his Music

Kamba Benga Artists Ambassador Toby Bisengo has threatened to ban radio and TV stations from Ukambani from playing his music.

Through his Facebook page, Bisengo pointed out that these stations play his music in large numbers because they realize he has clean content but he does not get invited to their events.

Expressing his frustration, Bisengo warned the station to play the music of the artists they recognize and give them jobs at their events.

Radio na tv situ sya ûkamba syi kivûthya kingî mûno. Muthaûkaa mbathi syakwa mûno tondu nimwîsî nî family and corporate friendly lakîni ila mûûvanga events muivongela politics sya mangotole elî,.thaukaai mbathi sya aini ala mutambûaa na mûkamane wîa,” Bisengo said.

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The Katolo hit maker further warned that very soon he will ban the stations from playing his music and urged his fans to listen to his songs through other platforms.

Soon I will ban all radios from playing my songs and TVs as well…shambiki syiloelae YouTube, TikTok na mainstream. tûikwatya ou, there must be mutual respect, harmony, and balance in this entertainment industry or else atangaasi Maine,” he added.

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