Boniface Mwangi calls out Machakos Law courts over dirty toilets

Renown Human Rights activist Boniface Mwangi has called out Machakos Law Courts for charging Court users to use toilets.

In a Facebook post, Mwangi shared a photo of the dilapidated toilets that people are forced to pay to use yet they are not in a good condition.

He said that when Dr. Willy Mutunga was the Chief Justice he ensured Milimami Court users were not charged after he(Mwangi) raised a complaint.

“Machakos Law Courts toilets. You have to pay to use them. When Dr. Willy Mutunga was Chief Justice, l complained about the toilet charges at Milimani Law Courts and it was stopped. The Government was paying a cleaning company to clean them, and the company was charging court users,”Mwangi in the post said.

It emerged that the toilets are run by a youth group that charges the people to use according to some of the comments.

“This toilet is managed by a youth group trying to sustain themselves. Despite the look of it kwa hizi picha, the toilets are very clean and well kept. I doubt they make more than 500 a day. Isikue vita kila saa,support hawa youth,”wrote one Bishop Kabisa.

Roman Kamau said, “It is actually run by a youth group. I asked about the payment for it and did not make any sense to me to pay for these facilities and the response I got was ‘Kwani hautaki vijana wa huku wajiendeleze na mradi’. After a long conversation, I came to get the sense in it, the judiciary was underfunded and couldn’t get enough resources to pay for all services offered to them so they had to think of alternatives.”

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